Thursday, August 8, 2013

.welcome to our home, the front entrance to be exact.

it's no surprise that our front entrance [and house really] is in some serious need of an update. we've lived here for 5 years now and have hardly touched a thing since moving in. it's lacking the newer, cleaner, more modern 'me' and i am utterly dying for an entire house make-over. however since the funds lack an entire home redesign, i've decided to start tackling it room-by-room....starting with the front entrance.

let me start out by stating that our front entrance is small. and dark. and doesn't really have much to it. it's basically the bottom of the stair landing, however it is the first thing you see when we open the door.  so it needed something. something easy, small, and that didn't involve painting the entire house a new shade [although, that is something that i am seriously considering!].

and that's where paula scherr photography came in! i basically picked up a gold metal stand, some white frames, a couple succulents, printed some favourite pictures from paula and my new front entrance was born!

and i quite like it!
**i would also be remiss not to mention that the 'love you dad' artwork was made by jack[can you spot his teeny tiny hands?] and given to daddy on father's day, but it was totally inspired by andrea's artwork here! as usual, thanks for the inspiration lady!!

so what do you think? works for now, no?

sources: white frames, homesense || welcome to our home print, 5thirteendesigns || daddy artwork, handmade by jack || gold butlers tray, homesense [similar] || white & wood square tray, chapters [similar] || square pot, chapters [similar] || glass bottles, chapters [kinda similar and really cool]

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  1. Such a lovely up-grage. My entrance is very small too and is it so hard to decorate so this has been very inspirational to me.


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