Wednesday, August 7, 2013

.currently loving: children's things.

rounding up my summer editions of 'currently loving', i saved the best for last. or at least my favourite to shop for.....children!
there's just something about buying 'little people' anything that gets me so excited. could it be that my son looks so darn awesome in everything [bragging and biased mamma? completely and utterly yes!], or it could be because i can get a little more crazy with my combo choices, or it simply could be because everything 'mini' is sooooo much more adorable than anything regular-sized? well whatever it is, i simply enjoy it so darn much!
here are some things i am utterly dying to buy my little jack bugg.

1] stella mccartney kids owl sweater [just darn cute. my idea of a stick owl drawing]
2] stella mccartney belt [a baby belt has to be the best thing ever! and kinda hard to track down, actually. these colourful stripes would be perfect to jazz up an outfit and also, keep those pants in place. win win!]
3] stella mccartney kids baseball tee [this indian baseball tee has me just dying! how adorable, right? i think my jack bugg would look all sorts of cute in it too!]
4] converse chuck taylors [baby chucks. doesn't even need a desciption. just.plain.awesome. jack has white, but i just might need this black pair too!]
5] justice league underwear [when jack is potty-trained, these will be his big boy undies. fact.]
6] minnetonka moccasins [i think i have every other type of moccasin out there for toddlers, but i'm missing these! don't ask me how, because they really are the cutest.]
7] babar's birthday book [we have a thing for babar in this house. i used to watch it as a child. peter used to watch it as a child. and now jack watches it. he also has a great stuffed animal version and some amazing pyjamas [courtesy of aunt julie and holt renfrew - yes, one spoiled babe!]
8] stella mccartney horse sweatshirt [omg. horses on a sweatshirt. jack needs! this is a new fav for sure...did i mention that grandpa wayne has actual horses at his house? and now you know why jack needs this.]
9] giant colourful pencil crayons [just amazing. plain and simple. something every kid needs, no?]

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