Tuesday, August 20, 2013

.jack's threads: the hooded sweatshirt vest.

jack has finally started to fit into his size 1 [as in 1 year old!] clothes and although it is bittersweet for this momma who wants to slow time [it really does go way too fast!], i'm also sort of excited to bust into that pile. see now that jack is on the go [just not quite walking yet!] his clothes are moving from leggings, leggings, leggings to a things with a little more style. i also get to play around with layers and accessories, which in my opinion make an outfit. more skinny jeans, hooded sweatshirts, vests, jackets, sneakers and shoes, hats, bow ties - the list goes on! so while i am nostalgic of time passed, i am also excited to see my little man grow.
and having a great pile of 1-2 year old clothes patiently waiting to be worn sure does help ;)

shop: hooded t-shirt & vest, next $33 || jeans, h&m $18 || socks, h&m $8 || amber teething necklace, princess and the pea [gifted]


  1. grammy (terri)August 21, 2013

    Man, is he growing fast!! Sure am glad for your blog, Erinn!! Get to watch him changing daily!! Sure do love that little guy....

    1. Yep, growing like a weed. Not sure if he changed much since the last time you saw him grammy...a week ago...so don't fret too much.


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