Wednesday, October 26, 2011

.Warm Knits.

SHOP: Necklace: Joe FreshBracelets: Bardot Spiral, Grey Soiree Pave, Black Soiree Pave.
SHOP: Skirt: Joe Fresh, Shirt: Joe Fresh {similar tank}, Jacket: Shades of Grey Boutique {similar jacket}, Shoes: Zara {similar shoes}, Purse: Matt & Nat.
This skirt had me the instant I saw it.
See, colder weather always brings on thoughts of being warm and cozy, and usually I satisfy that by a chunky knitted sweater paired with leggings or jeans....that was until this skirt popped up! And in stripes!
A knitted skirt. Such a wonderful thing.
I put this on, and I'm instantly cozy. I will sometimes wear this while lounging around my house, or dress it  up and prance around the office. It does double duty, and for this price {super cheap!!} it's one of my most favorite finds.
One catch: this skirt MUST be accompanied with a hot mug of apple cider. That's a fact.

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