Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I thought that I'd share something funny with you today.
Or at least I think it's funny, which sometimes means it's really not funny at all. See I think I'm pretty funny most of the time, and well Husband begs to differ. So maybe this isn't funny, but either way here it is. Sorry, I digress.....
So Sunday, Hubby and I decided that we needed to take our Bella out for a long walk. It's been ages (we're such bad parents) and the poor girl was just begging to head to the park to sniff all the new spring smells. You know, rotting wood and dead animals, molding leaves, and a few large piles of doggie doo-doo all that were buried under the snow that is now melting. Yum.
So anyways, we put on her leash and off we go. I also thought, 'what a great opportunity to practice snapping a couple pics', so along comes the camera (seems almost like a child to me at this point).
Happy little family. Peter, Bella, Camera, and I.
The walk was beautiful. The fresh air was refreshing, and I'm happy as can be shooting away.
Well, it seems I have a little still to learn (now this is where is gets funny). So here I am, taking a million pictures, thinking 'Wow Erinn, you really got the hang of this photography thing' then, after declaring out loud to Husband and Dog, "I think that about wraps it up. We can head in now, I definitely GOT it", we tread back to the house.
Well, here's what I 'Got'.

For starters, maybe I should remember to change the ISO when I go outside. Just maybe.
Ohh and it doesn't get much better...check out me using photoshop for the first time! Urgh.
I am in NEED of some serious help.
Like.....Serious, Serious HELP.

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  1. peter looks so impressed.

    but great job! you ARE getting the hang of it!


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