Saturday, May 5, 2012

.Time This Weekend. And Weddings.

[my wedding. july 24. 2010. photo via.]
This weekend I had a bunch of extra time on my hands so I spent most of it by doing three things:
1] Thinking way too much. Pretty self explanatory. Evaluating things that are important and things that aren't. As I've said before, I have a lot of 'cleaning' to do.
2] Prepping and preparing for our Euro trip. Since Peter had to work for most of it and I was under strict orders to NOT SHOP, I basically prepped, researched and made list after list.
Things to do, Things to pack, Things to remember.
3] Surfing all things weddings. Since this is the original reason we are flying across the continent. And that turned to me thinking about my own wedding. I sat for a good hour and thought about our gorgeous day. It was purely magical. Everything we thought it would be and more.And I wouldn't change those memories for the world.
 Of course, there were a couple places where we'd make a few small changes [as no wedding is perfect], like maybe having a more intimate guest list, making sure to not forget my overnight suitcase in the limo, and perhaps book a cleaning crew for the next morning, but all in all it was pretty darn cool and I can't complain much.
But then, there's pinterest. Oh sweet pinterest. With me surfing around and with so many ideas floating in that site I couldn't help but think about the other themes that I was considering. Ideas and decorations completely different from what we went with. An entirely different "theme". It had me dreaming of planning another day with all the same love and fun of our actual wedding, but with different colors and adding a little softness to it.
Here is a description of what my 'other' wedding would have looked like.
With me standing beside the exact same man. 
I'd consider the color champagne and I'd let all my bridesmaids wear different dresses in soft shades of it. Maybe get them into long flowy styles. I'd use delicate, pretty flowers like gardenia's and peonies. I'd still go with long soft curls, but maybe pull a little more off my face. I'd wear lace. I'd roll with a little vintage. I'd book the same photographer and caterer. I'd keep the same venue, but decorate in soft lights and hanging drapes. I'd perhaps adorn pearls for my earrings. The men would be in grey for sure. And perhaps have bowties. Candles would be lit everywhere. I would dance more with my husband.
We would, however, keep the same smiles as we did on July 24, 2010.
Doesn't it sound so soft and romantic? I can envision it now and it's one dream that I can maybe push onto my sister when she is ready [and of course only if she wants it. Sorry, mind is already working overtime for you sis]
 In the meantime and back in reality land, we have another wedding to attend very soon. And it is going to be just as beautiful too.

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