Tuesday, May 15, 2012

.At 19 Weeks.

[SHOP] jeans: Asos Maternity {similar non-preggo} | shirt: an old one I had lying around | sweater: H&M {similar} | belt: thrifted | sandals: Aldo {last year} {similar}
Yesterday I just realized that I haven't done a pregnancy update, let alone posted any pictures of my sweet little babe, aka: The Baby Bump, which has finally started to make an appearance
[Although to be honest, it still kinda looks like an extra bit of chub....]
And can you believe that I'm already 19 weeks, which translates to a week shy of 5 months for all you non-preggo people out there who don't feel like doing the math. Geez louise time is flying!!
So here's some pictures hubby quickly snapped before heading out the door last saturday to a friends bbq we attended. Not the most spectacular of pictures, but you get the idea.
And yes, those are mint maternity jeans. That I just adore.
at nineteen weeks:
::i'm positively glowing. this is such an amazing experience to go through. i actually love being pregnant now
::i'm [only slightly] craving apples. and pickles. 
::i'm excited for our ultrasound [scheduled next week]. like sooo excited to see this peanut. so excited!
::i'm feeling amazing. this is much better than the first round {months 1 - 3, where i couldn't lift my head from exhaustion].
::maternity clothes are starting to move solidly into the rotation. my growing babe sure knows how to eat as of this last week. but hello elastic waists!
::i've lost 5lbs since last month's checkup. sort of mystified by that one, since the belly is definitely growing bigger.
::i'm getting ridiculously excited about our euro trip. london, manchester, paris, dublin, edinburgh, nice, and santorini here we come.
::i'm also prepping for the long flight ahead of me. that's something i'm definitely not looking forward too. 
::i'm starting to lather on the belly oil and cream.
::i'm patiently waiting to feel our babe's first kick. "hello little nugget. momma sorta wants to feel you in there so you have my permission to give a good high kick. but please don't hurt me too much. love mom"


  1. awww. So sweet! Those jeans are adorable and so are you! I am so jealous for your Europe Trip!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!

  2. Wow You are looking amazing!! Seriously,pregnancy looks great on you!!! I love love love the jeans and those sandals. Wander if Aldo still has them? I've been looking for a nice pair!

    1. Thanks Joanne :) I'm feeling great. As for the jeans, I've never gotten so many people asking where I got them, and well, I even have a few friends who are thinking about picking them up even though they are maternity! haha. Aldo has a bunch of great pairs, so good luck with your search my dear.

  3. You look great! I kind of want to raid your closet (maternity or not!) I remember the awkward 'chub' feeling and hated walking outside and having the wind press my shirt against it showing it off, ha ha, but then a bump comes and it's glorious! Now, post baby I am back to the dreaded wind and Mama pouch! Ha ha, such a vicious cycle! Have you felt any butterfly type feelings? That's your baby moving! I got that feeling with Ella around 15 weeks and didn't realize at first! With Millie, at 11 weeks it happened and it was so exciting! You are going to love the kicks and rolls!

    1. Thanks Chelsea. And yeah, I hear you on the windy days. I tend to avoid going outside completely on those days. haha and I didn't even think about post baby yet! Gah! Now I'm going to be panicking about that....just one more change to adjust too! The Mama pouch! LOL. Oh babies.....
      And yes, I have finally felt my little flutters!!! SOOO EXCITING! I feel like I have a spider walking around inside of me, but I did get 2 good little jabs the other day so it finally hit home. So cool. So 19 weeks is marked on the calendar.

  4. Erinn, You have always been beautiful but pregnancy looks amazing on you. I felt the first kick at exactly 19 weeks - so its coming. Once again as always soooooo happy for you


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