Thursday, June 20, 2013

.a happy birthday and some my little pony undies.

*photo by jessica l photography
sure love you a lot miss kelsey. today is your birthday and i can't believe that you're 29!! ack!! partly because that means i'm turing 31 in a couple months [cringe], but mostly because i remember you in diapers...or maybe it was my little pony undies...but either way you used to pee in them. or you'd sleep-walk and plop yourself down on the toilet fully dressed then attempt to pee in whatever you were wearing at the time. you liked to pee a lot i suppose. i also remember that you used to play in the dirty farm dugouts. naked! well, you'd wear your lime-green rainboots, so not entirely naked. that's what i remember. not this amazingly beautiful woman before me now. i mean!? come on with that gorgeous smile! give some of us a chance will ya! and those big ol' round hazely-green puppy dog eyes! no fair! and that heart of gold you wear daily....i mean, how did i get to lucky to call you my little sister for 29 years! 

and i mean, how great of an aunt are you?! have you seen the way my little man lights up when you walk in the room?!?!? it's incredible! so incredible i'm not even a little upset when he pushes me out of the way trying to get a glimpse of his auntie kelsey.....not even a little [ok, maaaybe a little ;)]. and let's talk about the conversations you two have already. he doesn't talk like that with anyone! and that makes me happy because you're only telling him what a wonderful person his momma is, right?? right???
so baby sister, happy 29th birthday! you are amazing. you are beautiful. you are funny. you are a little button-pusher [and soooo good at it]. you are the best auntie, ever. you are gorgeous and sweet and just so damn kind. and you're still our little pee-monster. obviously i adore you and love you so damn much. i know this will be your year of amazing things....and i can't wait to be right next to you for them all!

so my little sister. i love love love you today and from the moment you were born. even if your big sis did try to sell you to the gypsy's a couple of times....

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  1. mom aka terri and grammyJune 20, 2013

    OK!! So now your momma is crying (and I'm at work - not good!!) My baby girl is 29 already and Erinn, you mentioned that it makes you feel old!! YIKES!! Don't go there!! lol Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl - you'll always be my little dootsie!! xx Mom (and Dan, too)


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