Tuesday, June 4, 2013

.summer girls clothes, under $20.

a girls summer style guide
[& all under $20!]
in keeping things fair with yesterday's post [boys clothes, under $20], i want to share my favourite little ladies clothing, which of course are all under $20!
while i think boys are super fun to shop for [i really do!], somedays i seriously wish i had a little girl to dress. it would be trouble to the bank account thats for sure, but with so many options out there, a total blast.
so for you readers with little girls, here are some of my top [under $20] picks for girls summer style.

outfit 1: jean vest | initial necklacecheckered coral gingham shirt | leopard print skirt [for more awesome coral + leopard combos, check out my girl christine @ just bella blog]

outfit 3: straw hat | gingham romper | charm bracelet | bow flip flops

ps. have you entered the red shoe crawl- edmonton giveaway yet? [link here!] tomorrow is the last day to enter for this awesome event!! food + drinks + supporting charity + whyte ave? why wouldn't you enter??

*contains some affiliate linke, however all opinions are my own.


  1. Great picks, Erinn! I have been eying up that freakin' adorable bikini for weeks!! SO cute.

    p.s. thanks so much for the mention, lady :)

  2. Yikes!! You are so right about the trouble to the good old bank account if you had a GIRL!! Bad enough with the little man's wardrobe!! lol

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