Wednesday, July 24, 2013

.3 Years ago today.

3 years ago today, i walked down an aisle to meet your dad. it wasn't just your average day or an average aisle, it was our wedding and i wanted the world to know just how very much i loved that man. i wanted it official. i wanted to be called his wife. and i wanted to let him know that i was planning on saying 'good morning handsome' for the next, like 60+ years or so.

and i think it's all worked out pretty darn well, thus far. we now have you baby bugg, and i couldn't imagine a life without this guy being with us every single day. i couldn't imagine having anyone else being called your daddy or watching anyone else become such an amazing father. and frankly, a darn wonderful husband too.

when i look back at pictures from our wedding, i am reminded of the excitement and serious love we had [and have!] for each other. how nothing else in the world mattered. how we dreamt of the future and how we couldn't wait to see what our marriage and our new life together would bring us. we never dared imagine how perfect you would be, or the joy you would bring to our little family. i never imagined how happy your father would make me or how complete we are, even now.

marrying your father was the best decision i ever made, and we are so very lucky. i thought i loved him then, but it's nothing to how i care for this man now. he [and you] are my everything and today is our anniversary, 3 beautiful years later.

love you baby bugg. love you baby daddy. happy anniversary to us.

*sidenote: i just worked out that peter and i have been married for 3 years, but have actually been together for 10 years! that's a real long time, yo! yay us!

*pictures via andrea, pinksugarphotography


  1. I sure hope you cried as much writing this as I did reading it otherwise I'm a wimp. It's 10 years for us TOO!!!! #twinsies. girl you have to get on Instagram and teach me how to get as many FB fans as you - holla!!

    1. their may have been a tear or two...and i'll be your twinsie any day :)

  2. terri (aka momma,grammy) and dan (grandpa)July 25, 2013 Momma's crying now too!!! Happy Anniversary and thank you for giving us such a beautiful, wonderful little grandson!!


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