Monday, July 29, 2013

.an age of wonder.

i sometimes just find myself staring at my sweet little boy while he plays. the wonder in his eyes. the shape of his lips when he is concentrating. the way his little pincher fingers are working so hard to get that little grip on his desired object. his look of excitement when something new catches his eye. the look of awe when he figures something out. and then the look of pride when he knows he got it. 
this age is just amazing.

i guess i just really like this 9 month old child. i simply can't get enough ;)


  1. that kid of yours is crazy cute and of course he has the coolest high chair and awesomest toys. Gabe plays with toilet roll tubes #truestory

    1. oh sara! haha, that 'coolest highchair' is from ikea and the 'awesomest toys' was from superstore! haha! we're real high class up in this house ;)

      and don't be fooled. at the moment he loves this car the most, but next week i'm sure it'll be his empty puffs tube or the bottle cap to momma's coca-cola!

  2. grammy (aka terri)July 30, 2013

    Luv my grandson sooooooo much!!!!!! Grammy can hardly wait to babysit that little rascal!!


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