Tuesday, July 30, 2013

.currently loving: beauty + accessories.

1] melanie auld pave triangle necklace [my girl, mel has done it again! this pave triangle necklace is just perfection and a perfect layering piece. hell, it's a perfect stand alone piece too! so need this!]
2] bobbi brown navy & nude eye palette [my #1 newest eye palette must have! i need this palette in my collection, pronto! i feel a navy eyes makeup tutorial happening soon!]
3] clare vivier clutch [the ultimate fold over clutch! i have been drooling over this clutch since spotting [pun intended!] it at the beginning of the season and have finally deemed it a necessity for my closet. perhaps a little 'going back to work present' for myself?]
4] jcrew piled stones bracelet [jcrew has impeccable taste in jewellery and i have never been upset in a bracelet purchase from there. this has the most perfect muted coloured stones and i love that is could possibly go with everything.]
5] diptyque candle in gardenia [a candle in the scent of my favourite flower? umm, yes please! and these candles are rumoured to be 'the' candle to have....it's supposed to envelope your entire room's smell and last. although with that price tag, i kinda hope so!]
6] melanie auld mini teardrop necklace [probably my fav out of mel's newest launch and it's a complete winner. this will be in my closet, mark-my-words.]
7] bumble & bumble surf spray [want those long, loose, slightly tousles beach waves, well apparently this is the stuff that'll do it. a must have for summer!]
8] stella & dot madison tech bag in poppy [also want in it black, which is available in august. perhaps an early birthday present to myself?!? yeah, i think so]
9] aldo lace up heels [i can't decide if i enjoy the black or the leopard more and i am seriously considering just buying them both! they're just so so so good!!]

so, i'm curious. what are your current obsessions?
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  1. I'm always looking for a great beachy spray- couple of sprays and a top not or a braid while you sleep and you have great hair next day. I'm loving the eyeshadow too- I've accepted the fact that you get what you pay for sometimes with cosmetics. I just bought Philsophy's Hope in a Jar A-Z cream and am obsessed.

    1. i agree...when it comes to my face, i don't like to cheap out too often. i've actually never tried the hop-in-a-jar cream, although i have looked at it 100 times - you, my friend, have just talked me into it! and perfect timing too, as i am looking for a new face cream and can't justify spending the $150 for la mer's [which i soooo badly want to see what the hype is all about!]


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