Sunday, April 21, 2013

.giggles and a pterodactyl squeal.

phew! papa has been gone one full week already and i've been so busy with the wee little lad that i haven't even checked in at all. babcia is going to kill me [ha! she's been in poland for the last 2 1/2 weeks and made me promise to add pictures of jack daily. oops! sorry babcia!]

so that being said, we are doing pretty darn good over here....besides missing daddy like crazy, of course. just me and the little man holding down the fort. jack been a busy little guy too. he's rolling over like a champ and is almost mastering the art of sitting on his own. a little wobbly still, but definitely getting there. and clapping? yes, siree! the little guy is now clapping when asked! we can't wait to show daddy our hard work. super proud mama over here!

so that's the little man's update. for both daddy [of course, he's been updated hourly!] and for our travelling babcia. and this wouldn't be a fancy napkin post without a video and some photo's ;)


  1. He is so cute! I could just eat him up!

  2. Stylin' fella.

  3. Well you should be one proud Mama. That boy is a peach.

  4. grammy (terri)April 23, 2013

    Could just gobble him up!! Grammy can hardly wait to babysit him and watch his smiles and giggles! Just makes my day!!

  5. His little outfit is just too cute!


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