Tuesday, April 2, 2013

.easter weekend.

jack's first easter was filled to the brim with family and fun. being the first grandchild on both sides, the wee man was spoiled beyond belief [lets just say that easter bunny certainly knows a good little boy when he sees one!]. and although it was a few late nights, one after the other, the little guy handled them like a champ. 

i definitely would have liked to decorate a bit [actually anything would have been great], but this holiday really seemed to sneak up on me. being at the end of march just seemed way too early for some reason, but it was a lovely weekend none-the-less. i am however, counting the days till next year when he'll be big enough to dye and hunt those colourful eggs and maybe participate in a few easter crafting activities with mama. i mean how cute are these easter balloons? or this easter bingo??

a few snaps from our weekend.

day one.
^a gift from the easter grammy ;)
^grammy and 'her boy'.

day two.
^our little ham and his many faces! and one not-too-shabby-looking daddy either!

day three.
and a proud momma moment - jack is officially rolling over on his own! and what a day to choose - easter sunday! yeah, bugg!!

hope you all had a wonderful easter weekend too!


  1. Momma! We need more pictures of you!

    Great pictures :)

  2. Wow, Such a beautiful family. ALL OF YOU! Seriously!

    Happy easter!

  3. a few things:
    1. thanks for the link!
    2. that's one fun looking zoo.
    3. that's one fine looking husband ;)
    happy easter!

  4. Look at that cute little bunny! Your easter grammy has great taste, Alice is loving her safari truck she got too!


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