Thursday, December 4, 2014

.holiday cards.

with the cold weather taking over our city last weekend, my husband's skiing plans got cancelled as well as my overnight stay at my parents lake house, i found myself with an abundance of extra time on my hands. at first we were super bummed about it, but honestly, it may have been a blessing in disguise as we seemed to finally check off a few items on the ol' to-do list! cup half full, right?! 
i spent the weekend shipping out an insane amount of packages after our black friday sale with The Skinny, then we cleaned and organized our basement, and finally spent the evening doing a little online shopping, including checking out what was the latest in christmas card selections. and i was so stocked when i came across minted! their selection of holiday cards and gifts are by far the best i've seen for personalization and i am seriously having a hard time deciding on which style i want to order for my own this year! here's a few of my fave cards and a few fave gift ideas too!

minted is having a sale now till monday with 15% off all holiday card orders over $150 with code: JOY15 

dots frame || while i don't normally enjoy a frame with any sort of writing or design on it, these gold embossed dots are just too cute to pass up!
happy holidays foil pressed card || nothing like a classic happy holidays in a pretty rose gold embossed colour to brighten your holidays
recipe notebook || i adore this idea of creating a personalized recipe notebook to fill with all of baba's old recipes to be handed down year after year
card & games notebook || last year i gifted each of my family members a personalized notebook with their names on it. inside i explained that each book was to record our family card game nights. see, growing up my grandma had this old tattered notebook filled with the date, who was playing, the score, who won + who lost, and all these great funny notes about that night. it become a journal of sorts and a cherished keepsake. give this with a deck of cards to complete the idea!
more the merrier foil pressed card || obviously this applies to me personally and is a big contender for our x-mas card this year :)
luggage tag card || just adorable! and super unique!!
personalized stationary || what person wouldn't love their own personalized stationary set?! a classic gift perfect for teachers, friends, your momma or even yourself!
personalized 2015 calendar || again, a fave gift of mine to give...especially to the grandparents! minted makes just the best calendars with the highest quality!

from having nothing to do to having gotten so much done it turned out to be a most excellent weekend!


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