Tuesday, September 25, 2012

.baby things: gap dorchester | boy.

Yesterday, I strolled into Gap Kids in search of a gift for our friends with a new baby boy. And I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised with one of their new fall lines, called Dorchester.

It has a mix of cozy and cute, with a pop of bright colors throughout. Lime green and plum purple - Yeah! I even felt a little "halloween-ish" and I loved it all. My simple purchase of a baby gift turned into a mini treb shopping trip as well. I just couldn't help it!

Here is a run down of my favorites in the "boy" section [although I really think a girl could wear a little of this too!].
1| Handsome Fella Body Suit | Loved this one, but also have my eye of the King of the Castle onesie. If this baby turns into a little boy, each will be bought. I promise you that.
2| Elbow Patch Cardigan | Pretty darn cute, no? And I think a boy or girl could both rock this sweater. Under a cute little dress or over a simple tee and jeans, cute cute cute!
3| Twill Toggle Vest | Perfect for boy or girl. And I just had to have it, so I bought it. And it's pretty awesome.
4| Ribbed Pom-Pom Hat | Even though mini treb has enough toques to last it through the next 5 winters, I couldn't help myself and this was instantly put into my basket. So adorable!
5| Ombre Sweater | Purchased and love it! Perfect for fall and if you add a cute collared shirt underneath, you will have one stylish babe.
6| Knit-Waist Lined Jeans Black Wash | Great quality and warm. Comfy and Cute. What more could you want in a baby jean?
7| Slub Terry Hoodie | Purchased and one of my fav new hoodies.
8| Lace-up Sherpa Boots | Even though these are super similar to the moccasin booties [which gap brought back into this line as well] that I bought baby treb a little while ago, I adore these and am considering if I should just buy them in a different size.
9| Striped Knit Pants | Just an all around great pant for boy or a girl. And yes, these came home with me as well.
10| Long Sleeved Chambray Shirt | Love this shirt a little too much. Wondering if this would work for a girl too? If so, then yes this will be next on my purchase list. 

So as you can see, I simply adored this line and after buying #3, 4, 5, 7, & 9 [and seriously considering #1, #8 and #10] my little babe [girl or boy] may just be looking like the next Gap mannequin. 


  1. i just ordered that vest the other day -- awesome right?!

    also, i think your baby child might have to change his/her clothes a few times each day to take advantage of all the awesome goodies you have!! lucky kid ;)

    1. Um, yeah, I was beginning to get worried about that....it's becoming a mini problem! haha, but such a good problem!

  2. oops, i sent that prematurely! was going to add that baby t will be in good company with that 'problem' ;)

    1. I think you should perhaps auction off a few of those "problems" to me ;)


  3. Cute cute cute!! I want to be baby T.

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