Wednesday, September 5, 2012

.loving: the moose.

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These days, I simply can't get enough of this damn moose print. In some way or another the moose just seems to sneak into all of baby t's little items. While it feels a little like christmas and we are just beginning to move into fall, I can't help myself from loving it to bits!
It started with a pair of pajamas. Then moved onto the crib sheets I made.  From there, I discovered Hatley [and basically own every moose article on that site]. It's a weird, weird addiction considering I am no hunter [rather opposite in fact!] and don't do that much camping or outdoorsy things.
However, I do feel it slowly moulding into a 'wilderness' theme of sorts as I move onto obsessing over bears, feathers, deers, foxes and lumberjack items, but man-oh-man I certainly do have a lot of moose's.
So I beg you, someone please stop me. 

Friends, I'm curious.......what's your newest baby themed addiction?
.shop the moose items.
no.1: moose and arctic animal magnets from etsy shop, original animal magnet. how cute would these be to hang your little ones art on the fridge? damn cute if you ask me.  
no.2: okay, "making the moose out of life", seriously? i just love this sweet little book. from hatley
no.3: my favorite moose pajamas for baby t. from hearthsong [on sale!] or from hatley.
no.4: moose long-sleeved onesie from eeni meeni miini moh.
no.5: some cozy and comfy sweats from eeni meeni miini moh.
no.6: moose wood toy / teether from etsy shop, buddy and jojo. the perfect little teether for your little one  to chew on. cute toy too! 
no.7: possibly the coolest room decor item for your little one. from zgallerie.
no.8: cutest moose slippers around don'tcha think?! would be great for both the little and big people in the house. from etsy shop feltingbyeglut.
no.9: cute waffled baby onesie for those colder nights and days from joefresh. i just love what joefresh is putting out lately. i seriously think i own it all! no joke!

Also, On a completely different note....THANK you so much for all the kind comments on my previous post about our maternity pictures. We had such a great time taking them, our photographers were amazing, and we will cherish those pictures for a long, long time. I mean how can you not, when they document your little baby growing in your belly!?!
We totally felt the love...

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