Tuesday, November 13, 2012

.first week survival items: for the momma.

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As most of you may have read here, surviving my first couple weeks as a new mom was very eye opening. I wouldn't necessarily say rough, but definitely harder than I was expecting. So for all you soon-to-be new momma's out there, here are some items [and some tips] that I found very useful and completely necessary to survive those first couple weeks. 
For the momma.
one] nursing sleep bras: again, with the sore boobs....okay, so with the puppies being super sensitive i found that keeping them bound nice and cozy in a bra helped a little. however, who likes to sleep with a hard underwire? these cozy sleeping bras kept me nice and comfortable during the night and also provided easy access to the goods for the little man. i recommend getting at least 2 of them.
two] lanolin cream: sore nipples - enough said. this cream and a nice hot shower where just about all that was saving me from ripping my sore boobs off my body for good. 
three] breast pump: great for two things...first, for pumping a little when your boobs become engorged and sore in those first few days when baby doesn't take in that much milk. this seriously helps take a little of the pressure off [but don't pump too much because the more you pump, the more milk your boobs will produce!]. and second, by pumping a little when i could, it gave me a break from the constant around the clock 2 hour feedings, which i don't have to point out is exhausting! pumping and a bottle [just have to find a bottle that your babe will take....be patient, it took us 8 bottles before we found a winner!] allowed my husband or babysitter to feed jack and then this tired momma could have a nap. 
four] sanitary pads: not to get too graphic, but you will need a lot of these. another lovely truth after birth. be stocked.
five] make-up remover wipes: those rare days when i did actually put make-up on, their was no way that i also had time to wash my face properly. i ended up keeping these wipes beside my bed and felt much better knowing that a quick wipe kept my face clear from those pesky pimples.....especially with all my wacky changing hormones!
six] toilet paper: you will need more of this stuff than you think. trust me. i was obsessed about keeping a stocked cabinet full and after running through almost the entire stash in the first week and not feeling up to leaving the house for a shopping trip by myself, i was happy that i did stock up. and you will too. it's amazing how much you will use.
seven] peri-bottle: for those of you who don't know what this is, it's the squirt bottle the hospital will send you home with. and thank the lord that they do! totally takes the edge off of your first few bathroom breaks. at least it worked for me and allowed me not to fear peeing every time i had to go! 
eight] freezer meals: i was slightly obsessed about having a couple frozen meals ready before jack was born even though the husband said he would just cook every night for us [he really is an amazing cook!] and that we wouldn't need them. well, we were so busy those first couple weeks, that our freezer meals and the meals that our our family and friends dropped off where invaluable! it was super awesome just to be able to throw something in the oven and eat. best gift ever.
*check out care-it urban deli for excellent pre-made meals. pete and i totally taste-test approve! and i've also heard that cena [in sherwood park] is very tasty too!
nine] nursing bra pads: i know, i know! again with the boobies!! but this time it's for those pesky leaks [sadly this happens]. i found these pads soaked up any excess milk, saved me embarrassment when out, and even provided comfort and protection to my sore nipples. i actually love these so much that i basically haven't been without them, sleep or awake.
ten] husband taking the week off: probably the most important thing on here. husband, boyfriend, partner, sister, mother, friend. whoever you have around you, please take my advice and use them. having peter home with me that first week was INVALUABLE. i know i wouldn't have survived without him. he fed me, kept me hydrated, reminded me to take my med's, allowed me valuable nap-time, and even gave me a few moments for a much needed relaxing bath or shower.

And for all you momma's out there, I'm curious....what were your survival items that first week?


  1. I totally agree with you when it comes to everything on this list! Especially the peri bottle... that thing saved my life. Dave took two weeks off and it saved my sanity in the beginning. The other thing that I loved so much was my Boppy breast feeding pillow. I spent so much time with that thing wrapped around me feeding Sydney. And good kleenex. There were a lot of tears and having good kleenex made a massive difference.

    1. I love your comment on the kleenex! So necessary and so many tears! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hang in there..if you make it through the first 2-3 weeks everything should smooth out.

    1. Thanks Lynn :) Things are starting to slowly return to a little normalcy beside the crazy hours, but we're managing. Such a crazy, amazing experience these little ones bring us.

  3. yup you nailed it!
    I still have my beloved peri-bottle in a keepsake box.
    The crazy thing is that some of these 'life savers' won't even be necessary second time round - it blew my mind.
    And ya no one told me about just HOW MUCH and HOW LONG you'll need sanitary napkins - you'd think that's something your mom, midwife, BFF with kids would mention!
    It sounds like you're doing as ahhh-mazing as you look.
    you gots this.

  4. I seriously just shuttered when you mentioned peri-bottle. yep, definitely a life saver.


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