Thursday, November 29, 2012

.holiday wish list: the jack edition.

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This year for christmas, even though Jack is only going to be 2 months old, he sure knows what he wants ;)
And while his father thinks we shouldn't get him anything, I strongly disagree. I mean, it's his first christmas Mr. Scrooge!! So while Jack continues to be on the 'nice' list [and I continue to sneak a couple things to fill his stocking], here are some items on his wish list and that he hopes to find under the tree.

1| i have loved these little handmade moccasins forever. so i think it's about time that i ordered some for our little man. i personally love the walnut shade, but the chocolate brown suede, dark brown, sienna suede, gold and red are also on my lust list. and they will
2| mr. man needs these blocks. period. large and modern and oh so cool.
3| these blabla finger puppets are not only to die for cute, but awesome quality as well. and jack has the large version of the fox too! sadly, looks like they are sold out at the time being.....time to go on the wait list!
4| batman was always my favorite superhero. bruce was always the most mysterious and sexiest. and this sweater just rocks.
5| any of the pendleton blankets has me swooning and i just want to wrap up jack nice and tight in it. this pattern is pretty darn cool though and would go so well in jack's nursery.
6| this wood pirate ship is just awesome. a little more on the pricey side, but will last the test of time.
7| books are my favorite thing to give a child but when it features andy warhol, it just takes it to that next level of favorite.
8| manny and simon toys are some of the most durable ones that i've bought jack [he has the train set] and this manly loader truck is super cool. actually any of the manly trucks are pretty cool.
9| again with the blabla dolls. i just can't get enough of them. this wolf is the next on jack's list and i think it'll quickly become his favorite. he needs the mini one i'm thinking.
10| baby moccasins! do you even need an explanation?!? these are ridiculously adorable.


  1. The Batman sweater is a necessity, as far as I'm concerned!

    1. Ordered and currently waiting for it to ship ;)
      I'm on it my friend.


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