Tuesday, January 7, 2014

.i resolve to:

anyone who knows me or has been following this blog for a while knows just how much i adore lists. they help me de-clutter my mind and accomplish things in a timely manner. while it can be daunting to think of a year full of 'resolutions' or to-do's, i have found that if i break them into quarters or seasons, it becomes more attainable and i don't feel as weighed down with all the tasks i throw at myself. 
so 7 days into the 2014, here are my winter/spring list of resolutions. looks attainable enough, right?!

i'm curious, what are your 'resolutions' this year?

ps. in keeping me accountable [trust me, i'll need it!], here is my daily smoothie concoction in case any of you feel like playing along.


  1. I don't plan on going crazy with serious resolutions this year, but I do intend to make sure to vacuum every day, walk the dogs and brush their teeth five times a week, worry less (ha), and stay active 40-60 minutes a day/5 x a week both before and after baby.

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