Monday, January 6, 2014

.travel: toronto.

following our amazing day with h&m. we spent the next 3 days exploring the beautiful city of toronto. 
it was jack's first trip [well, with a plane anyways] so the amount of things we needed was quite the learning experience! a car seat, a stroller, a portable highchair and an entire suitcase filled with all the goodies that an infant requires [diapers, wipes, toys, clothes x 2 [you know, for spills], bedsheets for the hotel's crib, books, snacks & food, etc.]. and while it was certainly fun handling all that luggage [imagine sweat pouring down our foreheads] we managed it like champs. sweaty champs, mind you.

our first stop - the new ripleys aquarium of canada! this place...really there are no words. perhaps incredible. unbelievable. beautiful. exquisite. jack's little mind was absolutely blown! and frankly so were his momma's & poppa's! i'll let the pictures do the talking, but you can definitely say, 'i highly recommend!'
the aquarium was located almost directly under the cn tower, so we knocked that off the list right away too. we each got our pictures with jack under it, along with the obligatory family shot. some were more amused by it than others.
then we headed to the hockey hall of fame. hey! i was with two boys i didn't have a choice. all in all, i did get to see a picture of my old fav in there - dougie gilmour, so i was a happy camper.
and last but not least, we hit up a little shopping at h&m! what can we say, it had too be done!!
thanks again for the trip h&m! we sure had a blast!!!


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