Monday, May 4, 2015

.gift guide, 2015: mother's day picks.

mother's day this year is kind of a big deal. it's my first as a mother of three; a mother of a toddler and a mother of twins. three! 

and i'll be working. 

but that's okay. i know my thoughtful husband [he really is!] and those sweet little boys of mine will brew up something to make me feel special and loved. i personally hope it's some sort of creative craft which i can just envision them all making together or even a simple dinner that they made, i just want a little effort. it's the one day a year that i truly let it be all about me, and i really do think that's okay. being a mom, while it's the best job around, is also the hardest. we tend to give all of ourselves to our children on a daily basis, without a second thought. so an entire day dedicated to 'the mom' is high ranking in my books. and i'm not afraid to admit that. i embrace it. 

so while it's not my intention to 'casually' hint for my husband to buy me any of these treats, i certainly wouldn't be upset! haha! 
1] may lindstorm skin the honey mud cleansing silk || this is probably the highest on my 'want' list! with it's numerous rave reviews i feel it's truly the perfect rejuvenating treat for my tired skin. i also love the idea that actually taking the time to do this face mask may also truly make me slow down and allow a few minutes of 'me' pampering too! heck, i may even be able to enjoy a warm bath during the 15 minutes of drying time - alone!
[and it's sold from one of my absolute fave online beauty shops Eco Diva Beauty! if you haven't shopped there yet - you must! the ladies who run it are just as sweet as all the products i've ever ordered from them. and this highlighter tops my charts as my most loved beauty products! worth every penny!]

2] gardening gloves || little tomatoes! hello cuteness! i need a new pair of gardening gloves and these would be okay to look at while digging in the dirt. thanks, ikea!

3] mid-century watering can || for those who know me personally, know i very much enjoy gardening.  something about nurturing a living thing seems to ooze from me. its so gratifying to see each plant grow and blossom and i find it so relaxing. out in the fresh air and sun just rejuvenates my soul. and this watering can needs to come home to its new momma!

4] plenty more cookbook by yotam ottolenghi || i have the original plenty, as well as ottolenghi and i love them both. dying for this cookbook to add to my collection [cookbooks are a guilty pleasure of mine! i want them all!]

5] silk dress || since having three kids i find it disheartening to find clothes that make me feel like a lady. i'm usually drenched in spit-up or worse, wearing three day old leggings and an old sweatshirt. this dress would be the perfect outfit for a night out on the town with my main squeeze. sometimes you just want to put on a silky dress and some heels, am i right?!

6] earphones and earbuds set || i'm needing a set of new earphone's and i love the style and small frame of these. might even get a moment of quiet with these bad boys on....maybe....

7] pia wallen cross blanket || my obsession continues, as does everyone else's! i truly thought this was a passing trend, but it seems to be sticking and since I've had my eye on this blanket forever, this might be the time to bite the bullet.

8] black short romper || i thought these were a great one-stop shop for a busy working mom. you could dress them up or down and it's out the door looking done-up in no time flat. my kinda dressing.


  1. I hope you are pleasantly surprised by your family on mother’s day. Thanks for giving gift ideas to everyone. The black silk romper looks so cool!

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