Thursday, March 1, 2012

.Right Now.

:: pondering what this time next year will bring.
:: marvelling at how much I am finally starting to settle in and feel like this house is my home. only 3 years later.
:: revisiting old recipes from family and friends.
:: plotting out our fireplace reno. And excited about how much it's going to change our bonus/living room.
:: planning on seeing my lovely friend miss fiona this afternoon for a little lunch date. Then planning on devouring an iced coffee right after that. 
:: finishing winter indoor cleaning. Time to prep for the warmer months ahead. And fresh air. Oh, how I can't wait to sit outside and read!
:: stopping myself from sweating the small things. I do that way too often.
:: wondering if I should clean the basement this weekend. It's a disaster.
:: learning how to sort of speak Polish. Slowly. I'd like to know what is being said to me at Easter on the husband's side of things. 
:: listening to some Ryan Adams. Oh man. Oh man. This guy makes me weak at the knees.
:: following so many new blogs lately. The inspiration is pouring out of me right now. Just gotta get some of it actually down on this here blog of mine.
:: loving my necklace today. Wish you could see it. Big, Chunky. Kinda Perfect.
:: missing my husband. He is working 10 hours these days and I'm just not used to it. Money's great, but having P around is better. 
:: hoping that the new book I just started is a nail-bitter.
:: wanting to get out my summer dresses and wear them. Without winter coats overtop.
:: thinking it would be nice if I didn't have to go to the gym tonight.
:: reminding myself that some gym time today will allow me to have a comfortable trip to Europe. Prep for all that walking we'll be doing.
:: making chicken and couscous for dinner tonight......Yay to being healthy and interesting.
:: wishing you a lovely, quiet day filled with some time for yourself to reflect and breath.  


  1. I love that your list gets me thinking of my own..the basement and the gym! Your dread for both tasks reflects my own.

    May the only sweat you experience be in the gym!


    1. It's sheer dread I tell ya.

      And thanks for the lovely comment my dear. I liked that :)

  2. Can't wait for your post-Europe posts. When do you go?

    1. Oh Europe. It's getting so close now.....We fly out May 31st and are gone for 25 days. Should be enough time to see a few things :)


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