Wednesday, March 21, 2012

.Telling the Parents.

[fyi. this was written back in the 2nd week of january]

Hi Baby.
Last night we told Grandpa and Grandma Treb about you! It was pretty darn cool. Your grandma started to cry....she's been waiting so long for this. Then your grandpa told your daddy, 'welcome to the club, son'. I thought it was so sweet. Then we popped champagne {but not to worry, I sipped on sparking juice} and had a cheers to you! Our newest Trebaczkiewicz addition. So far it was my favorite night.
Hi Babes.
So today, we took your grandpa Wayne out for lunch. Once we got our food, I casually asked him 'what his plans where on October 14th' {that's your due date. Did I tell you that?}. He answered that he 'didn't have a clue, and why?' I answered 'that's the day he'd become a grandpa'. He looked a little confused for a second then this small little smile started to creep up on his face, and he said "Very cool!". He was so surprised and incredibly happy. So far it was my favorite afternoon.
Hi Peanut.
So this morning, I was speaking with your Grandma Terri on the phone. See, she's been in Phoenix for the last two weeks fixing up your new vacation house. She actually flew out the day before I found out about my little miracle {that's you by the way} and I was dying to tell her. And do you know how hard it was to keep it quiet for the past 2 weeks? Seriously, impossible. I really wanted to tell her in person, and after she decided to stay for another week, I caved. I just couldn't wait {don't worry though, your daddy said I could tell her without him if I wanted}. And I sooo wanted. So while I was asking her questions about the renovation, I casually threw in this cheesy line, 'so mom where are we all going to sleep?......And what about the crib?'
Oh, sweet baby, it was awesome. She started to squeal and cry! It was so cute. And your grandma kept saying how she's going to 'Finally be a Real Grandma!' She was so excited, just like I knew she was going to be. I think she's been waiting for you as long as I have. I even started to get all teary-eyed while speaking with her. I could just feel her smile over the phone. Your great-grandma Marion was there too. She started yelling congratulations into the phone.
Not exactly how I imagined telling your grandma the news, but it couldn't have been more perfect.
And it was my most favorite Morning by far.
See Baby. You are my always going to be my favorite Morning, Afternoon, and Night.
You, my Baby. I love so much already.

Now hurry up March......I've got some pretty wonderful news to share to with everyone else, xo


  1. Oh my GOODNESS I love how you told your family members about your new baby! I loved each story, so personal for each one! Man that makes me want to have a baby just so I can come up with creative ways to tell my family. Haha!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :D

  2. Oh my! This made me cry. So excited for you. There will be nothing in the world like it. Congrats!

  3. this is so cute. i love it


  4. Terri (momma and grandma)March 22, 2012

    OK! So now I'm reading this and you are making your momma cry AGAIN!! I remember that phone conversation in Arizona very well and that was, by far, my most favorite morning too!! Can hardly wait!!!


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