Thursday, October 25, 2012

.a week of first moments.

a little daddy love
It's hard to believe that our little man was 1 week old yesterday. A week that we've been a family of three, wow! And that we survived.....

See, I won't lie and tell you that it was easy. Because it wasn't. The late nights, constant feedings and attention, and wacky schedule really takes a toll on an already beat-up momma. However, I will tell you that it was one of the most wonderful weeks of our lives. A week full of emotions that I simply can't put into words. A week full of sweet joyous moments, new discoveries, early mornings, late nights, poopy diapers, love, wide smiles, a few tears, lots of cuddles and so much happiness.

And although my blogging has obviously taken a backseat to this amazing little dude, I wanted to share some moments from our first week as a family of three.
snuggled tight
taking in daddy
daddy diaper changes
first bath and his favourite 'why me?' arm stance
post-bath mommy snuggles
meeting new friends
jack & oliver. bff's and exactly 1 month apart.
having family coo over him and basically being a little rockstar
snoozing on daddy and a personal mommy favourite moment.
sweet dreaming


  1. awww this almost makes me want to have another.
    he's so precious; 7 days new and already a star.
    the 'taking in daddy' pic is 100% adorbs.
    xo (and an extra 'xo' for wee man)

  2. Gosh, he is precious!
    I'm glad to hear you guys had such an amazing first week together,

  3. sweet...I'm a sucker for the baby pics.
    So beautiful.

  4. I'm so excited to follow your blog Erinn and watch Jack grow up from a distance..he is so beautiful...snuggles to Jack

    Love Step YaYa

  5. Eeeek, so tiny and so sweet. I love his "why me?" pose!

  6. Such a sweet baby!
    I know you are super busy with your sweetie so I'm not expecting a response...but I did want to ask, where ever did you find that elephant lamp...I have been looking EVERYWHERE for it! and where is that cute felt ball mobile above the change table from?
    Hope you're getting some rest:)


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