Monday, October 8, 2012

.hey baby, you listening?

Hi babe, It's momma.

I think we need to talk.

You see, it's finally time sweet child. Time to come on out.

Today is your due date. And 2 months ago, I was this completely content and rational woman. Perfectly happy on keeping you snuggled safe and sound in my ever growing belly. Protecting you from the world and selfishly keeping our intimate bond all to myself. Simply happy to be pregnant for the rest of my life. Just you and I.

But now, sweet child. It's time. Time for you to introduce that charming personality, I just know you have, to others. Those adorable chubby cheeks. Those enormous clodhopper feet. And that grin that looks so similar to mine. Time to even show off that stubborn side you must have inherited having peter and I for parents. It's just time peanut. So do your best to come on out for momma.

Now, I'll promise to do my best too. I'll try every trick on the planet to help you along safely. Help you enter this world with as much ease as possible. And you know what.....even though the inside is probably pretty cozy, I can promise you this, the outside is pretty darn awesome too. You know why? Because this tall handsome fella, you get to call your daddy, is out here just waiting to meet you. He cannot wait to play with you. Cuddle you. Smother you in kisses. And let you sleep soundly on his chest.

So babe, please don't consider this your eviction notice. Because it's not. I really do love your every hiccup and roll, and I just know I'll miss it all, but please consider this your invitation to be loved by that handsome fella. The one you are so lucky to have as your dad.

And for once, sweet child, I don't mind sharing him one little bit.

Because it's time. And we're ready.

your momma.


  1. Elise LandryOctober 08, 2012

    i love this, Erinn! you have such a beautiful way of saying everything. Baby T. will have the most caring and loving parents. i wish you the best of luck, sweetie! xoxox

  2. Good luck!! I'm anxiously awaiting for your blog post introducing your wee little one :) You are going to be a fabulous mama!! I wish I could give you some advice, but both of my little girls were 10 days late! All the best in this next chapter of your life :)

    1. Thanks Alessia. I have a small feeling this babe won't be too far behind your little ones in the lateness. Just seems to content to stay in there forever.
      Will most definitely be keeping you posted :)

  3. You don't know me, but I follow your blog and I think you're creative, brilliant, and beautiful... I wish you much love and happiness...


    1. Well, thank you so much Brandi. What a beautiful compliment and it certainly made my day.
      Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay :)


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