Saturday, October 6, 2012

.thank-you on a canadian thanksgiving weekend.

One thing, that I seriously want to pat all you lovely Americans on the back, is that you sure know how to do Thanksgiving properly. Us Canadians, just don't even come close. You plan big family gatherings months in advance, decorate your tables in gorgeous harvest decor, say your prayers and thanks, help each other cook a beautiful meal, and fully enjoy your thanksgiving long weekend with those that you love. 

This Monday, being our Canadian Thanksgiving [and also our babies due date! yay!], I wish I saw just a few more mini pumpkins, harvest decor, or variations of turkeys popping up in our homes. And I wish my home smelled of cinnamon and pumpkin! But sadly, it's almost like we forget about it. And perhaps, I shouldn't clump all Canadians into this stereo-type....I mean most of us Canadians do get together, eat big meals and celebrate with our families, but for whatever reason, the hype just isn't the same.

And trust me, I am no better. 
I mean, yes, this year we have another priority taking over our lives [come on baby t....], but I vow next year to be that change. I vow to host a proper Thanksgiving meal without it being last minute, cook a plump turkey, make some pumpkin pie and share it all with those that I love. To thank those that I love. Because isn't that what this holiday is really all about? Being thankful for our Family and Friends.....

So thank you friends in my blogging world. 
You make me feel welcomed to share my life and experiences with you without judgement.
You allow me a creative outlet on a daily basis.
You inspire me to try new things, whether it be a new recipe, a diy craft, or even as simple as wearing a leopard belt with stripes.
Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts with me in your comments or emails that I seriously love so much. You all make me laugh and smile daily.
Thank you for some beautiful new friendships formed on here that really do mean more to me than I probably let on.
Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your day & time to read the Fancy Napkin.
Thank you for your well wishes and reassuring words on these new changes in my life, especially regarding our little baby. It really means so much.
Thank you for not laughing too hard when I post an outfit picture and try to strike a model pose.
Thank you for encouraging me in my new pursuits.
Thank you for your continued support.
And best of all, Thank you for accepting me.
I feel very loved.

And, Happy Thanksgiving to all you fellow Canadians. Lets not forget what this holiday is about. Share some love and hug those closest to you. I know I will be.

**ALSO, have you entered in my Stella & Dot GIVEAWAY yet? It's my way to say 'Thanks' to you all for following along and reading Fancy Napkin. Closes monday......and Good luck!


  1. We do Thanksgiving bigger than Christmas in our family thanks to my moms American (US)upbringing. She lost that tradition. We make a thankful tree every year, everyone invited must write what there thankful for on a card and hang it on the tree and then a few weeks later the new baby tree gets planted in my moms yard. We invite as many people as we want(even the local convenient store worker) came one year because my sister felt bad he had no one to have dinner with. Everything for dinner is homemade and we support local farmers by buying everything on the table from them, including that "BIG BIRD". Every part of the house is decorated in fall colors (my favorite part)!! Last but not least we SHOP! So don't count me in that "Canadian lameness"!! I'm proud to say WE GO BIG!!
    Thankful for your blog as I have learned many fun things. I read every post and enjoy all of it.
    Wishing you and your beautiful little family a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Oh Kaley! That sounds awesome! I love that you even invited the convenient store worker, and source all your food locally! Sounds like an awesome time! And I am so happy to hear that your family goes BIG and Proud!
      We do a big dinner with our family as well, so maybe I should clarify that, but it just lacks a certain 'luster' that those Americans really go for. Next year, I am decorating and making this house smell of mine smell of pumpkins :)

    2. What wonderful expressions of Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanksgiving is huge in my family! My husband and I go away alone for Christmas every year, so Thanksgiving is a time for big family gatherings. This year I'm hosting it- gulp!

  3. Your post is refreshing to me. I am an American and lately I'm put off by the way it seems to me down here we love up Halloween, almost skip right over Thanksgiving, and go to the give-me give-me holiday(Christmas). I tell the kids there will be no Christmas until we've first been Thankful.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Erinn!!
    What a special gift you will have each year to be very, very thankful for :)
    Thinking of you, friend as you enter this somewhat anxiety provoking, exhausting but amazing time in your pregnancy. Just think every painful push is one push closer to holding your little babe in your arms :)


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