Thursday, May 16, 2013

.my very first mother's day.

holy dyna. i sure have one hell of a little family. 
to sum it up, my husband rocks. my baby rocks. and my first mama's day was the best i could have ever dreamed of. it was one of those days that i will remember for the test of time and just thank the heavens for the wonderful people who made me feel so darn special. not to sound overly dramatic, but i must  have pinched myself a dozen times to see if i was dreaming.

when i woke up on mother's day, i was excited! what did those boys have planned? i really had no idea! i mean, i am one hard woman to surprise and it being a day completely about being a mother, i was pretty pumped. i also felt a little like 'darn it, i deserve it'! see, being a momma is one of the hardest jobs ever. the most rewarding, but damn it can be hard. 

so to start things off and being the sweet little gentlemen that his is, jack decided it was a morning to let momma sleep in [we started sleep training last weekend and well things have been rather interesting on that subject, but i digress...].
i felt like singing "hallelujah!". oh, glorious sweet sleep! after awhile, my momma-sense kicked in and i could tell jack needed a morning nap, so he crawled into bed with me and we continued a little snuggle together, and like seriously, how perfect is that?
when it was officially time to get up, poppa served us breakfast in bed. yep, that handsome man of mine is incredible. we chowed on some delicious cinnamon buns, scones and coffee while i got kisses in between bites from my littlest fella. then the gifts started pouring in. and i got positively spoiled! i also got a homemade card, complete with some artwork from jack and daddy. probably my most cherished of the entire pile :)

then we got dressed to meet grammy, grandpa and auntie + uncle for a picnic in the park. and what a afternoon that was! it was hot, the sun decided to shine, the blankets were put out, our shoes were tossed aside, hot dogs + salads + quiches were served, a mad game of bocce was played [ps. the girls won!], and we snapped about a million pictures. it was such a perfect time.

afterwards, jack, peter and myself drove over to the new gelato store that opened up near our house. and boy, was that every tasty! blackcurrent, kiwi and mango were devoured. then another glorious nap was had together as a family. 
for dinner, we headed on over to peter's mama + tata's place for some steaks and wine. as usual, jack got cuddled with love and i got to relax on the patio. always a great time had when we head over to their place. always.

my mother's day was exactly as i envisioned.....actually, it was better.  
thank you to my husband and to my son, for making me the luckiest woman alive.


  1. love the pics the last one is priceless...Happy 1st Mother's Day!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Marisa! I get such a kick out of that last shot too!


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