Saturday, May 25, 2013

.product review: mustache baby.

the wee man, pete, and i were lucky enough to be sent a copy of the new children's book, mustache baby by bridget heos, for a read and a review. from the very first page, we were all smitten. i mean, a baby who is born with a moustache! how can that not be a hit with both youngsters and parents??? a perfect book to read together as a family. 

so basically this adorable little babe is born with a moustache. he grows it into all sorts of styles, changing his looks from everything like 'the artist' to 'the cowboy' to 'the spanish painter". one day, the mustache grows into a bad sort of mustache and the story continues from there....

seriously, the story is adorable. the illustrations are ridiculously cute. and we have read it multiple times since receiving it. i highly recommend for your next book purchase.

**hometown side-note: i was thrilled to learn that the illustrator, joy ang, lives in my hometown of edmonton, alberta, canada. she has drawn some of the best modern cartoon illustrations i've seen in a while and i was just so proud of some local talent hitting the semi-big league!! wicked awesome if you ask me! can't wait to see what else you have coming joy!!
*special thanks to canadian family for sending our family a copy of this book to review and enjoy. while we were asked to review it, all opinions are our own. this really is a wonderful little book for all to enjoy. happy reading!


  1. aww that sounds like a cute read - mustachios rock (except when they try to kiss you). born and raised in Edmonton eh? jealous - West Edmonton Mall was THE vacation destination for us Prince Georgian kids. xo

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  3. AnonymousMay 29, 2013

    Going to pick up that book tomorrow! Great review. Thanks.

  4. Looks so cute and love that the illustrator is an Edmontonian! Will need to check this one out. Thanks, Erinn!

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