Saturday, September 27, 2014

.dear, jack.

hey, bugg. it's momma.

just checking in to let you know that man - i love you. i know the twins are coming soon and your little world is about to change, but this insane amount of love dada and i have for you isn't going anywhere. that will never change. never ever. in fact, it seems to grow more and more with each passing day. i can't even explain it. you are just so darn awesome.

even with all those lovely toddler-two tantrums you've been showing us. we still love you.
even with all those insanely stinky diapers you love to save for momma. we still love you.
even with the refusal to eat anything healthy lately. we still love you.
even with the nightly 2:30 am wakings where you won't go back to sleep unless it's in our bed. we still love you.
even with the mess you make right after momma has tidied up. we still love you. 
even if you refuse to enjoy a bath alone and one of us has to crawl in with you. we still love you.

see, jack. we still love you no matter what you throw at us and these little siblings of yours, coming so so soon, are only going to make our family even better. i hope you know that. 

i also hope you know that if you ever just need a little alone time with momma or dada, we're here. anytime. we will still have our special moments like we do now, just the two of us [or three of us] if you need. anytime. you are our little bugg man and that will never change.

so remember that we love you, no matter what. forever and always. 

[and i am so incredibly lucky to have meg henderson [els photography] in my life to capture these amazing pictures of me and my boy. these mean the absolute world to me, hormonal or not, and i cannot thank her enough. and her talent....i mean, it's pretty incredible right?!]


  1. You and your family are beautiful! Great photos!!
    Where do shop for all your nice maternity clothes?

    1. Thank you so much, xx.

      And this skirt / tank combo isn't actually maternity, just sized up at Zara and it seemed to work! Great to wear after the babies are born then too [although it may have to be altered], so a bang for your buck!


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