Thursday, September 18, 2014

.need, want, eat, make: pregnant edition.

well, since i'm definitely feeling pregnant as of late [this belly of mine is getting huge!], my thoughts are obviously reflecting anything 'baby'....or in my case, 'babies!'
and did i mention that i only have 3 weeks left?! yep, 3 freakin' weeks till these sweet babes are in my arms and smelling like heaven.
guess i should pack up that hospital bag and install those two extra car seats....
need ||  a few good nursing sleep bras [these things i lived in for about a year when i had jack. i guess the ta-ta's just liked a little extra support when i'm nursing and it just made my sleep that much better, despite still having to get up every couple hours. i personally enjoyed this wrap type of sleep bra and desperately need to re-stock my pile. and quickly!]

want || a highlighter / eye brightener [this nars eye shadow pencil looks like a warm peachy-goldy-cream colour and just may be the perfect shade to add a lightness and brightness to my already tired eyes [and yes! i know it's just about to get worse....]

eat || freezer meals, like this coconut curry chili [or this or this or any of this. i mentioned i'm pregnant right? ha! freezer meals are actually the most perfect thing to gift or even pre-make yourself before a new baby arrives and i am personally stock piling my freezer. when you're just too tired to make anything, these are life savers. and ps! i've made that chili above and it's truly unbelievable!!]

make || a macramé wall hanging, for above each twins crib [adore these beautiful works of art, and personally think they have enough going on that they may even keep the babies distracted enough to change their diapers, etc. etc. apparently by following this diy i may be able to construct my own?!]

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