Monday, September 29, 2014

.at 33 weeks, with the treb twins.

.at thirty three weeks.
::i officially look like i have two babies in there. sure, i am a little small for twins, but i take my shirt off and - whoa!
::the babies are lying in the worst possible positioning, breach + transverse. which basically means i'll be delivering via c-section if twin a doesn't turn around for me. not ideal.
::the heartburn, people! seriously, i've been put on a prescription for it. lying down, sitting up, walking, talking,'s always present.
:the twiners are chubby little monkeys. 3 weeks ago, they weighed in at 4lbs and 4.3 lbs [70th/80th weight percentile at the time!].
::i hardly wear pants anymore. be warned if you come to my house unexpectedly.
::i am craving caffeine of any sort. probably because i'm hardly sleeping at night, however.
::we bought an extra car seat, crib mattresses, cleaned out the bookshelf in the nursery and filled it with baby trinkets and have washed all of jack's newborn clothes. hurray!
::we also bought jack a "hello, brother" gift from the twins. it's this beautiful wooden pirate fort and i think he'll love it. everything is "piiir" [aka. jack's version of pirate] right now.
::my back feels like it's about to break in half some days. it's not great.
::and twin b loves to continually grind and roll into my ribs, which is something i never felt with jack. and....not great.
::my partner and i officially opened up our online children's boutique and it is going so awesome! such a happy and exciting time for us and i can't wait to see what the future holds!
::we just celebrated my sister and new brother-in-law wed. and it was beautiful. i even stayed till closing time!
::my pantry is about to get a cleaning.
::i basically only have 1 month left to go. whoo hoo!!
::i was lucky enough to spend one rainy & stormy night with the beautiful jessica from out at the lake. she's the one who captured all these gorgeous images [it's all her! i just showed up!] of me and my twin babies and i seriously have a little cry every time i look at them. i will cherish them forever. thank you so much, jessica xx

for those of you who don't think in terms of weeks...this means i'm now about 8.5 months pregnant!


  1. All of these photos are beautiful, but that last one leaves me SPEECHLESS!! Stunning capture (both in pictures and words) of this incredible journey! Xo

  2. Oh my gosh Erinn, you are THE most gorgeous pregnant woman I have ever seen!! These photos are stunning! Can't wait to "meet" your twins :) Good luck these next few days as you prepare for their arrival!


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