Monday, September 12, 2011

.A Grand Opening & A Wedding.

What a busy {and fantastic!} weekend the Hubs and I had.
I love those kind of weekends.
The ones where on Sunday, when you slip into your sheets for bedtime. Boom. You're. Out. Cold.
And I got to wear THREE Fantastic Dresses! Which by sheer coincidence, where all BCBG!
What did we do you ask?
On Friday, we got together with some friends, hit up Nola's Grand Opening and had a hell of a good time. We danced to the live jazz band {even I danced!}, munched on the appetizers going around, and sipped on beer and champagne!
Great Friends.
A Lovely Couple. Stephanie + Rob.
Kisses for his Mrs.
Lovely Friends.
How could these two NOT be brothers?? They look identical!

{Outfit #1 of the weekend} 
{BCBG Dress, Jacob Belt, and Stella & Dot Jewellery}
On Saturday, we attended our first Chinese Wedding to watch Phil and Weiman take their vows to each other. The ceremony {including tea ceremony} was outside at the Grooms brother's house and it was lovely. Both the ceremony + the weather.

{Outfit #2 of the weekend}
{BCBG Dress, Melanie Auld Purse, Expressions shoes, Sunglasses (just cheapies from somewhere)}
The wedding was a Blast! The Bride glowed and the Groom smiled from ear-to-ear.
Weiman + Phil
Old Pro's at this wedding thing :)

{Outfit #3 of the weekend}

{BCBG Dress, Nine West Shoes, Melanie Auld Purse, Stella & Dot Earrings + Bracelet + Ring}
Urban China
The reception was at Urban China restaurant, not far from downtown.
We dined on 10 courses of food {not kidding! 10!!}. Here are some of the more interesting things we ate.  If you where a fussy eater you had to keep an open mind and then you would have shared in one of the best food experiences we had ever had at a wedding. It was unreal. It was also unreal the amount of food that I can pack back! Holy Moly. I sampled everything and then some.
{Course #1 of BBQ pork and jelly fish we ate too fast!} Course #2 was a Seafood Birds Nest {my favorite of the night!}
Course #3, Shrimp Balls with a Crab Claw
Course #4, Shark Fin Soup
Course #5, Lobster in a cream sauce
Course #6, Sea Cucumber and Mushrooms with Veggies
Course #7, Tilapia, which is served as a whole fish which represents good luck.
Course #8, Crispy Fried Chicken,with Seaweed and Shrimp Chips
A happy {FULL} girl.
What a great weekend. Phew.


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