Friday, September 23, 2011

.Miss Moneypenny.

For the last 4 months, my poor wallet has been hanging on for dear life. It's bulging at the seams, the leather is worn, and the card slots have stretched as far as they can go. I kept thinking that it was about to burst, but the trusty old girl kept hanging on. 
Until last week. 
She finally bit the dust. The zipper burst and is not too be fixed.
Now, I know I just bought two GORGEOUS purses a couple weeks back, so I couldn't really justify another purchase to the husband until old Ethel {seems like a good name for her} was officially dead, so secretly I was just waiting. And now the day has come....I can justify a new wallet! Woo Hoo!
And those other purses are for fancier occasions, right? I need something for everyday!
And then I came across this beauty from Matt & Nat.
And it was on sale! bonus!
Then I also saw her bigger partner and just had to purchase her too. {This one may be harder to justify to husband.....}
But it too was also on sale!! double bonus!
So now I am the loving mother to these two beauties and couldn't be happier. 
Did I mention that Matt & Nat are also environmentally friendly? The liner is made up of an average of 21 recycled plastic bottles! So I'm saving the planet and looking good while do so! Ahem!


  1. 2 things...

    1. Zip around wallet- a must have. I won't ever get another kind.

    2. Classic black leather bag- every girls must have. Easily justifiable. You'll wear it forever and always more than any other bag. Really, your saving your self money. Just get the hubby to call me, I'll make it make sense to him ;)

  2. I may just have to hold you to that Nik! It's like pulling teeth around here lately to get anything outta him ;) I will however, use your train of logic and see how that goes.......this post did the dirty work for me though!


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