Tuesday, September 6, 2011

.Weekend Recap.

I hope that you all had a Lovely Labor Day Long Weekend. I know I sure did.
It was just what the doctor ordered {or would have ordered, had I seen a doctor about this}
So, here's a summary from yours truly.
Weekend notes:
::Even though I am craving the Fall season {as mentioned here}, patio beers still taste superb. Especially with Husband in tow.
::The outdoor farmers market is also a HUGE summer bonus. It will surely be missed.

::These Homemade Crispy potatoes are the most simple and delicious way to eat fries. It's so simple, I was even afraid to post the recipe. But I did {see at the bottom of post}, and you will love these little wedges to death.
Super Crispy Potato Wedges
::Our new Enjoy Centre, just a short drive away in St. Albert, is surely going to become my newest favorite place to hang. They have a wellness centre {yoga + massages}, an organic supermarket, a fresh bakery, delicious cafeteria + restaurant {which, by-the-way, my mother-in-law and aunt work at}, and a greenhouse. Delicious Food, Beautiful Plants, and Relaxation all wrapped up in one!
Kale + Carrot Salad, Beat + Quinoa Salad{my fav}, Seaweed + Sesame Salad, and Pasta + Pepper Salad. Ahhhmazing.
::My Bella is pretty much the awesomest old dog around. She can chill with us like no-one's business. And she's pretty photogenic too.
Me and My girl.
Lazy Days
::Having a Beer tasting at home with Husband and a bunch of new brews is probably the coolest thing we've done in a while. On a hot afternoon, I dare you to think of something better.
Some of my Favorites {from L to R}: A Coffee tasting beer, an Alcoholic Ginger Beer, a Hazelnut Beer, my Cherry Beer, and Innis& Gun. yum.
::Want to know what else is cool? Husband in his new leather jacket. He looks like a badass rocker {and just seeing him in it, gets my gears going}. I have myself a very sexy man people.
My Sexy Man
::Helping my sister get dressed and doing her make-up for a wedding still makes me feel like an Older Sister. Who says when you don't live together anymore you can't do girly things, like share clothes or do each others make-up or hair?? Well,  Not this girl. Nor her sister. I turned her into a mini me.....ha, she borrowed my dress, jewellery, and purse. I also found those shoes for her! What can I say? I love it all and she looked just Beautiful. 
Borrowing a necklace. Necklace: Joe from Superstore! No kidding!!}
Borrowing my dress and new Stella Purse.
Isn't she gorgeous? My little sister. xx
::Cleaning and Organizing gives me such pleasure. I didn't get everything done on my To-Do list, but the garage looks 100% better, and so does my bedroom. Now, the closet was ripped apart and just needs some TLC to put everything back in organized and functional. With a twist of pretty too.
Super Crispy Garlic Potato Wedges
{created by my old dad, wayne}
A bunch of Russet Potatoes, Fingerling potatoes, or any good baking potatoes
Garlic Plus Seasoning {you can also use Greek Seasoning mix instead. Check out Costco for both}
Olive Oil
1. Preheat oven to 400F.
2. Clean potatoes and cut into wedges {if you like them crispier = cut them little thinner, if you like them softer = cut them thicker}. Here I used Fingerling potatoes from the farmers market, about 8 of them as they where smaller.
3. In a bowl, mix the garlic plus seasoning with the Olive oil. {For a ration example: 1/4 cup Olive oil + 2 Tbsp Garlic Plus Seasoning}.You may need to make another batch of this mixture, so keep both ingredients close at hand. 
4. Dip the potato wedges into this mixture and make sure you really coat them with it. Then lay the wedge on a baking sheet. Do this to all the potato wedges.
5. Bake at 400F for 30 minutes, making sure to flip the wedges over half way through cooking. fyi: this time will vary with the size of potato wedge and how you like them done. We love them crispy, so we make sure to cook them a little longer. Also, if you find them taking too long to get crispy, drain some of the olive oil and that will crisp them right up!
Hoep you Enjoy!!

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