Monday, November 21, 2011

.beauty tutorial: date night eyes.

Lately I've been getting requests to explain how I do my natural smoky eye make-up. 
Which I find both flattering and awkward. 
Flattering because I guess it looks nice enough to ask how I do it, and awkward because I really have no idea what I'm doing. 
I've mustered through my fair share of wacky clown faces throughout the years, and have found that natural is always the best. I have also learned that browns and plums work wonders for my blues, and to stay far, far away from greys or silvers {they just don't seem to work for me}.
I like to call this look my 'Date Night' eyes. 
Husband gets these pretty much everytime. I might vary the amount I put on, but it's always a version of this one way or another. Maybe it's time I try something different........
Anyways, here you go I do my date night eyes.
My Video "Tutorial":
And some outfit pictures from our night out.


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  2. That skirt is sooo flattering on you! Very cute! And you look GORG in those pics!


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