Sunday, November 13, 2011

.For Him.

You know who I think is the hardest to shop for: MEN!
I am just terrible at picking things out. See, I always try to dress husband as I think he should dress {which we often have a difference of opinions on}.
 Now don't get me wrong, my hubby actually has excellent taste {seriously!}, but sometimes he's a little cautious in the trend department. I could dress him all day long in old-man sweaters, suede shoes {you should see the awesome pair he just got!}, suspenders, bow ties, cuffed pants, etc. but he would just prefer to stick to a black v-neck sweater or button down shirt, and some dark jeans.
I do have to admit though, lately he is venturing out a little and I am finally seeing a tiny bit of my 'touch' in his wardrobe.
However, that could just be because I buy most things for him ;)
Here's a couple things that I would LOVE my husband to rock this Christmas.
{would be great gifts for a Dad or brother too!


  1. Great Manly picks:-) I plan on taking my husband shopping for Christmas/new clothes too...he's a total work in progress! xoxo

  2. lovely choices. they all have a very cohesive style.


  3. Bon Bon....I hope it works out for you. Husband took one look at this post and was pointing out what he WOULDN'T wear instantly! Oh dear. Work in progress is right.....

    And Lindsay R.....You can certainly tell what I like in mens clothing hey? They do all follow a certain 'flow' now that i look back at it :) Good eye on this one. Thanks for reading :)


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