Thursday, November 10, 2011


Okay friends, I have a christmas confession to make. 
Ready for it?
I am almost done all my Christmas shopping!!!
It's only November 10th!!!
And to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that.......
What am I going to do for the remainder of the 2 shopping months?
Guess, I'll just have to shop for myself {you can do that right? Buy yourself Christmas presents?}
And because I understand that everyone is not insanely crazy like me, I'm going to post some great gift ideas for your family and friends. Each will have a little theme, or be for a specific person {think: items for He, items for She, Kiddos, Work, Pets, etc.}. Here's my first of the series:
This one is because I am in a very white minimalistic mood {and because my 2nd tree will be very white this year}. We'll call it, {white} Christmas.
1} Abe Lincoln Mug
2} Menagerie Bottle Stopper
3} Milk Bottle Measuring Cups
4} Gnome Bottle Opener
5} Verdant Bread Bin
6} Farmers Egg Carton
7} Modern Santa Collection
8} Tree and Snowman Salt & Pepper Shakers
9} Marimekko Oiva Tea Pot
10} Oliver Peppermint Stick Appetizer Plate
11} Tree Ring Holder
12} Owl Table Lamp


  1. That's awesome-you are crazy! If I finished that early I'd definitely end up over buying! Good for you though being so organized!

  2. No Nik, you are right.....It isn't good because I WILL OVERBUY!! Lucky for my friends and family I guess ;)

  3. you are so nice... seriously. i was feeling like i stuck out like a sore thumb ;)


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