Friday, November 4, 2011

.Winter Feet.

This post was stemmed from a conversation I had with one of my best friends {miss fiona}.....
See, she is taking a little holiday to Phoenix this Christmas, and she kindly asked me if I wanted something brought back {ha, like she needed to even ask!}, and of course this prompted the deal-seeking girl in me {american prices!!whoo hoo} to scream, "YES GOSH-DARN-YOU! I have a little list......."{okay, I don't actually have a list....}, but I did have one request.
I asked her to bring me back a pair of the original Uggs for winter. Tan, mid-calf to be exact.

Now, I do have to clarify a couple things here....
1} I am not a student.
2} I did hold out on the Ugg bandwagon for a good 2 years when they become "the winter boot" {simply because I thought they where so ugly}.
3} I was given my first pair as a gift from Husband when he went on a boys trip to Vegas.
4} My second pair was a gift from a friend for being in her wedding {thank you Nicole}
5} I still think they are kinda Ugly.......
So my third pair of Ugg boots is being brought back in that large tan colored box that I paid for.
And I am without Shame {this time around}.
Here are some other cute alternatives that I will be definitely seeking out for my Winter Shoes this 2011/12 Season {might not be able to get them all, but would be happy with any of them!}
7} UGG Australian Rider Boots {UGGS!!! hahaha}


  1. No worries Erinn! Uggs have gone from fad to functional {=warm for winter!}... thank gawd, I didn't understand that "trend" either!

    But did you know that they are actually not winter boots? They are actually to keep your feet warm on the beach {hense, originating in Australia, and not being very "wet proof"!!}

    But I don't care, as long as I don't get them too wet from the snow, they are the most warm and comfy winter wear ever!

    Sounds like we will both be getting the same new pair! My grey ones and old chestnut ones are done like dinner {not a pretty sight!} and I just ordered a new pair of chestnut classic tall ones to get me through the winter!

    PS. LOVE the Sorel Joan of Arc boot you posted! I just got something similar to that!

  2. huh. i really like those roxy boots! and they're so cheap. i'm so tempted...

  3. Cute boots! I really need some new boots for winter.

  4. Your cowboy boots in 8 number pic are looking so adorable. They seem so comfortable, any idea what's the exact period for breaking in these boots? I am thinking to buy one for myself as well.


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