Thursday, December 20, 2012

.a weekend round-up in b&w.

my tuckered out sleeping angel
Well yes, it's thursday and I am finally getting around to posting this weekend roundup from our past weekend, but it was an eventful couple days and I feel like sharing. Or rather an eventful three days as Pete took off monday to help me take the wee mr in for his immunizations [i knew that this new momma wouldn't be able to go by herself and do the dirty work], which sucked by the way. It was bad watching your husband hold down your little one while your 2 month old baby screams in pain as some stranger gives him 3 needles and knowing you can't help in that moment. Gosh, It was hard. The emotions involved were intense! And i am so happy that it's over!!
But I digress......
So as the pictures with show you, we had some friends over for food and games, got dressed up all fancy and attended my work christmas party [it felt great to throw on some heels and do my hair for a change!], finished wrapping gifts, made some fresh home-made burgers [yes, peter finally got his meat grinder!], finished setting up the x.mas decorations, met my fathers new puppy - Lincoln, got our immunizations as a family [as per above. *cringe], sat on santa's lap, crafted new stockings for our mantel, and even completed a deer pillow.

We also fell in love with our new light-up gym, had some grandma and grandpa snuggles and played so hard that we fell asleep while doing so. Well, the little guy may have done these last few, but we all watched.

And tuesday was my husband's birthday.

All in all, an excellent weekend. Don'tcha just love christmas season!?

food, friends, and some games.
dressed up for a night out.
making some medium-rare burg's.
x.mas decorating.
mr. lincoln.
smiles reserved for his new light-up play gym.
new stockings to hang on the mantel.
grandma snuggles.
And amidst all the busyness, my most favourite moment of the weekend was coming home to this sleeping chubby angel right here. Best thing ever.


  1. Leanne Stone (Dransfeld)December 20, 2012


    Are you sure you just had a baby?! You look absolutely amazing and energized in these pics! I hope you have a wonderful first Christmas with your wee one.

  2. Erinn, you look great! Good job! Impending post on losing baby weight so well, perhaps? And he is super, super cute.


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