Monday, December 3, 2012

.smiles and a video for daddy.

our little man was full of little smiles and chatter this morning. such a little sweetie. i just can't get over his little squeal. it gets especially cute around the 1:20 mark.

yes, the video moves around a bunch, but i was a little more interested in playing with jack bugg than holding still. and please forgive all the baby talk. he just seems to love the high-pitches that his raspy-voiced momma can hardly produce.


  1. this is so adorable! You have one beautiful little boy:)

  2. Hi Erinn, I'm a new follower. Your little man is absolutely adorable! xo,

  3. Oh wow, he is spectacular.... its like he really wants to say something. Love you Jackaroo!

  4. terri (aka grandma)December 06, 2012

    This little guy just brightens my day!! When I want to smile, I just watch this video!!


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