Tuesday, December 18, 2012

.happy birthday sweet man of mine.

my sweet husband's birthday is today. he is one year older and within that one year, i have fallen even that much more in love with him. he has matured into this caring, amazing father that i knew he would be and it just kills me every time i watch him interact with his son. it is the most precious thing in the world. 
he is gentle. kind. supportive. loving. patient. and even a tad bit adorable [especially with that cutie in his arms]. 

and those two. they are like two little peas-in-a-pod. jack is a complete mini peter with his mannerisms, his easy going attitude, his temper [contradiction, i know. but the temper only flairs occasionally just like his poppa's], and even with his bodily functions ;) ha.! and i am so incredibly happy about all of it. i couldn't wish for a better man for jack to follow after.

peter, you have made me and jack two incredibly lucky people to be in your life. to be your family and we both love you with all our hearts. so happy birthday sweet husband of mine. i hope you feel smothered in love, today and always. xo.


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