Tuesday, December 11, 2012

holiday wish list: the peter edition

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Still trying to decide what to get the men in your life for christmas? Be it a husband, brother, father, boyfriend or just a special someone, here's some very cool items that I'm sure would suit their fancy [except perhaps the meat grinder or pasta maker....that may just be something my weird wanna-be-chef husband wants ;) ]. And if your "male" doesn't like any of these, you can just re-package them up and  send it to my husband as he most certainly will accept any and all of these with pleasure.

1 | my husband is tall. like 6.2 ft tall. and the majority of that is all legs so he usually looks like he's preparing for a flood if you know what i mean. all his pj's are ankle biters so he could really use a new pair of lounge pants that fit. these are really nice and look damn comfy.
2 | these shoes are the most sexy thing i've seen in a while. i love the uniqueness of them and the element of class they bring to the table [or 'look', i should say]. a tad pricey, but will probably last the test of time. love them.
3 | my hubby has been looking for a great pair of dark washed jeans. we saw these at club monaco and decided they may just be the perfect jean. super cool stitching too!
4 | in paris, we decided to take a peek inside the burberry store. big mistake. the clothes in there are spectacular, in particular this classic burberry trench coat. my husband can't seem to get it out of his mind and has been drooling over it ever since. wouldn't this gift make me wife of the year? i think yes.
5 | yes, you see that correctly. that, my friends, is a meat grinder and peter is ridiculously excited about it. he wants to make homemade sausages, ground beef, etc....yep.
6 | my honey loves his music loud. like real loud. these noise-cancelling ear-blasting headphones would be just the ticket.
7 | a pocket flask. perfect for a little warm up while skiing.
8 | even though pete enjoys a trimmed beard [okay, i enjoy the beard and won't let him shave it] i love to spoil him with good quality skin products. especially from one of my favourite brands, biotherm. this after shave cream is heavenly when he actually does shave and he loves it.
9moccasins are becoming a must have in this house and the hubby needs a pair. simple as that.
10 | a pasta maker. again, peter wants to make his own pasta and well, quite frankly, this actually has me excited as well. fresh pasta?! yes please!


  1. Don't dis the meat grinder! My husband has one for our Kitchenaid mixer and freshly ground burgers are the best!

    1. Oh, don't get me wrong....I will be devouring those freshly made ground beef burgers like you wouldn't believe!!


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