Wednesday, February 13, 2013

.hemp protein bars.

lately i've been on a huge healthy baking kick. it's partly in an effort to put better things into my body during those sweet-tooth cravings, especially while i breastfeed my son, but it's also partly because of one particularly special friend of mine. yes, chels, that's you! she definitely knows her stuff on organic healthy cooking and inspires me on a daily basis!

this girl is simply an amazing cook. everything i've had from her is incredible....soups, cakes, coconut 'whip cream' and those awesome 'major milk making cookies' [which i'll be posting the recipe very soon!], but the other day she was over and gave me a little taste of these super healthy hemp protein bars that she had made and i was hooked! what a great way to quench hunger, get a little extra protein [also extra energy!] and additively tasty too! peter and i were both craving them the instant she left and i knew i had to have the recipe, which she kindly obliged and now i can share it with all of you.
tip: these would also be great to have post workout!

also, chelsea is currently blogging for urban organics so head on over and like their facebook page for more tasty recipes and tips on healthy eating! she also posts a smoothie of the week recipe, which i cannot wait to jump on the bandwagon with!
Hemp Protein Bars
[via Green Kitchen Stories, seriously go check out their gorgeous photography. mine don't even come close to doing justice! makes about 15 bars]
Dry Ingredients
1 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1 cup dried shredded coconut
1/2 cup hemp hearts [shelled hemp seeds]
1/2 cup hemp protein powder [you can use hemp hearts instead]
4 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp bee pollen [optional, and i used honey which worked great]
Wet Ingredients
20 fresh medjool dates, pitted
6 tbsp coconut oil, room temperature [which is in its hard state. you can also use butter instead]
4 tbsp cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1/2 tsp ground vanilla
Add After Blending
6 tbsp rolled oats
2 tbsp poppy seeds

1] In a food processor or blender, pulse the dry ingredients quickly. Do not over-process, you want it a little crunchy. Place the mixture in a bowl and set aside.
2] Add all wet ingredients to the food processor or high speed blender and run until pureed. This might take some time, and if your blender isn't strong enough you might have to help out by stirring around a few times with a fork or add a dash of water [that's what I had to do!]
**If you don't have a food processor, place your pitted dates on a plate and mash with a fork until they are sticky and smooth as caramel, it'll take a few minutes. Then add the remaining ingredients one by one and kneed it by hand until well combined.
3] Pour the wet ingredients over the dry ingredients, add oats and poppy seeds and stir until well combined [I had to use my hands to combine]. 
4] Spread the batter evenly into a 11 x 7-inch [28x18cm] baking dish. Make sure it becomes quite compact [I, again, used my hands to spread and push the batter down]. Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Cut into bars. Wrap them in paper and store in an air-tight container in the fridge, which will keep for around a week.


  1. sounds delish, can't wait to try them out! Is cacao powder different than cocoa powder? and if so, where can it be found?

    I'm nursing right now too and can't wait for the milk making cookies recipe!

    1. they really are delish! you won't regret trying it!

      And yes, you can use cocoa powder....i did and it worked just fine. i even added a little more of it for a more chocolatey taste ;)

      i'll try to post that cookie recipe next week sometime. it's super tasty as well and actually from the same girl, chelsea, as above! the woman can really bake!

      stay tuned!

  2. Cacao and cocoa ARE different. Raw Cacao is a superfood with health benefits and much richer than cocoa. If you get the opportunity, try out the Cacao!!! You won't regret it ;)

    Thanks, Erinn!!! I'm so glad you made them (and enjoyed them!)

    1. Awesome answer :) I wasn't really sure, but used cocoa instead. Next time, I'm totally going to try out the cacao!

  3. Oh, and Cacao can be found at earths general store, planet organic, blush lane, amaranth. But, I've also heard it can be found in the organic/natural section of save on foods and superstore :)

    1. Thanks Chels! I did see it at superstore now that I think of it :)

  4. Cacao and cocoa are the exact same things. Cacao is the latin name for cocoa (i should know, i‘m portuguese). The product cacao probably the raw cocoa and the cocoa is the processed. Still same thing, here is always cacao :)

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