Wednesday, February 27, 2013

.cats, of all sorts.

as mentioned in the previous post [here], i am loving all things of the feline species. and these are my top picks for kiddos. 

purchase here:
single panther sweater || this rad sweater would be great for a girl or boy. a tutu skirt or jeans. i'm sold!
grey tiger sweatshirt || i actually purchased this sweater for jack, however will have to wait till he's 2 for it to fit. yes, his 2 year old pile is growing by the day, but when you have adorable shirts like this grey one, how can i not purchase it? sigh, that is life.
single tiger onesie || i loved this onesie so much, that i actually stripped a mannequin for it! and yes, it was featured on a jack's threads post [seen here].
multiple black panther sweater || like i said above, this is just plain awesome.
multiple tiger onesie || mini rodini makes some of the most unique pieces for children and this one tops the list. super cool if you ask me.
tiger leggings || same as above, but in legging form. sweet!
meow sweatshirt || i think this may be my next buy for our wee guy. something about this reminds me of the super trooper movie and it makes me smile everytime i look at it. i think it'd make a great layering  item as well!


  1. Do you think these are for girls too? I love love love!!!!

    1. 100%!!!!

      I would dress a little girl in each and every singe one of these! Go for it! Em would look so adorable in any of these! And send me pictures!!

  2. so unbelievably cute. if you ever come across that cat shirt from pinterest... 'you've got to be kitten me right meow' you let me know - I'm seriously infatuated! I'm not even that big of a cat person, it just reminds me of that stupid "Super Troopers" movie that Trev always quotes (when they say "meow" after every sentence). Good times and sorry for hijacking your cat post... for some reason I feel really comfortable over here on your blog (maybe a little too comfortable). I'd totally wear Jack's newest favourite onesie in an adult medium ;)

    1. Ha! I LOVE that movie!! Good taste husband of yours!!!

      And you are welcome over in Fancy Napkin Land anytime. I love having you here and your comments are my fav. Always!

      One other note....if you ever find jack's newest fav onesie in an adult medium, please try it on and instagram that shit!


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