Tuesday, February 26, 2013

.jack's threads: big kitty.

one of my newest obsessions seem to be any sort of the feline species printed on baby clothes. think tigers, panthers, lions....any sort of cat really. and with all these hip companies popping out baby items with those purring little critters on them, we couldn't be happier over at casa d' treb.

they actually sort of remind me of that early 90's fad. tacky fuzzy blankets, framed velvet pictures, and even giant tattoos [sorry in advance if you are currently sporting a tiger jumping off your entire back. it's just not my thing]. do you know what i'm talking about?

so when i came across this cute onesie, i was completely smitten and knew little jack needed it in his wardrobe.....like right meow!!
jack's threads:
sweater || joe fresh 2012 [similar]
tiger onesie || zara
leggings || zara
shoes || old navy [similar]
slouchy toque || zara [similar]


  1. grammy (terri)February 26, 2013

    Grammy's boy is one stylin guy!!! ...such a little precious!!

    1. Grammy - He could be wearing a garbage bag and you'd still think he was the most precious thing ever ;)

      And we love you for that, xoxo

  2. Oh Jack you're only a few months and already such a hipster. Love it!!

  3. and what big blue eyes you have!


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