Saturday, March 2, 2013


*a completely unrelated picture of a 'just woken' little boy, but too cute not to share.
hey friends! just wanted to pop in and say, sorry. 
i am being spammed hard with advertisements in my comments section on each post and am making the decision to unfortunately turn on my word verification. 

yeah i know, crap.

so while i totally get that this sucks and is a huge annoyance to anyone wanting to leave a comment, please know that i read each and every one of them and simply adore hearing from you all, so please don't let that hinder you from here on in.

just do as you normally would, but then type the special word shown as you see it. easy enough right?

comments are pretty damn awesome to receive, just not the ones for viagra and/or puppy chow.


  1. aww, sorry to hear that!

    But I still think your blog is awesome and will keep on commenting :)

  2. I am too- I know a lot of people on blogger having this problem. It almost makes we want to switch to Wordpress if I hadn't just paid to update my layout (not to mention I have to clue how to). I think the captchas are becoming pretty common, so don't worry.

    1. Pain-in-the-ass!

      And I'm right their with you! Except I have no clue how to switch either, but trust me, it's tempting!

  3. Not a problem....totally understand!

  4. He is just so cute!!

  5. I've been having this problem too and it's driving me CRAZY! Stupid, blogger.


i think comments are pretty awesome!