Thursday, March 21, 2013

.millie-vanillie's 1st birthday, complete with a drum class and breakfast bar.

completing our birthday round-up from last week, while papa was away, was my favourite little sweetie's 1st birthday.

the beautiful miss millie turned 1!

so we got all dressed in our fanciest jeans and headed over to share in the birthday fun. and boy were we in for a treat! not only did millie's fabulous mama [my beautiful friend, chelsea] put together the coolest breakfast bar [complete with freshly squeezed juices - hello, carrot orange apple! homemade muffins! and a yogurt bar!], but they also hired a seth rogan look-alike [seriously his doppelganger] to teach us all how to play the bongo-drums! how awesome is that, right?!

it was seriously such a blast! the kids were all enchanted [and i'd say a few of the adults too!] with even the littlest of the bunch, jack and james, joining in the fun. i admit i also have found myself to this day, 2 weeks later, strumming aloud to "follow the beat - bum bum bum" and tapping the nearest item! ha! the food was delicious [i found a new favourite way to mix my greek yogurt - coconut, granola, and pumpkin seeds - yum!] and was inspired to bust out my juicer again. i should also mention the gorgeous water-colour decor that chelsea stayed up all night to complete [poor mama], but was so worth it as just look at this party!!

and although arranged marriages aren't really the thing to do here in canada, millie and jack don't really have a say in the matter. i simply adore this family way too much and perhaps sharing grand-kids one day with these people would be pretty darn cool. organic, gluten free, paleo raised grandchildren, right chelsea ;)
thanks again you wonderful people, for having us join the fun. we really had a freaking blast!


  1. She looks so cute on that dress I love all the pictures :)
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  2. Great readiing your blog post


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