Monday, March 4, 2013

.crazy-awesome homesense finds.

so this weekend we stopped in at homesense to take a peek at their ottomans [we're in desperate search of a coffee table or ottoman] . well, holy moly! although we never found an ottoman, the loot i came home with was amazing! their were so many top notch brand-name products that i've considered purchasing many times before, all just sitting on those white metal shelves begging me to bring them home. and all with a maga discounted price tag!

just look at this stuff! jack is one lucky little boy.

now, run out to your local homesense store and try to nab a couple of these items too! your wallet will thank you!
[but if you missed out, i've included the links to purchase them at other places too!]

1] pantone pack of 6 mini board books || regular price $13.95 / homesense price $9.99
2] aiden & anais double-lined swaddle blanket || regular price approx. $59.99 / homesense price $29.99
3] smiling planet crane bowl || regular price $13.95 / homesense price $6.99
4] jellycat medium stuffed scamp dog || regular price $31.10 / homesense price $7.99
5] smiling planet wonderful world plate || regular prices $14.95 / homesense price $8.99
6] kway kids windbreaker || regular price $58.99 / homesense price $19.99
7] fred food face plate || regular price $21.95 / homesense price $9.99
smiling planet plate bowl set [not shown] || regular price $36.00 / homesense price $14.99

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  1. man, what cool stuff you found!


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