Monday, March 11, 2013

.jack's firsts: gymboree class and a birthday party.

this weekend was jam packed with activities and events for jack and i. and while papa is away working [insert sad face here] we wouldn't have it any other way. keeping busy is the key to my sanity and helps the days go quicker until we get to see that handsome man again [hear that papa! we miss you over here at casa d'treb!]

we went to three [yes, 3!] birthday parties!! and all were equally awesome, but you'll be hearing about each of them in the next few days....

so for our first little person party, sweet alina turned two. jack put on his fanciest onesie [thanks auntie mikaela!], attended his first birthday party and also got to experience his first gymboree play & learn class. seriously, what a total blast!
jack was in heaven the entire time! so many lights. so many colors. so many kids. so much noise. this little man was happy as can be! he blew bubbles and played with balls. he squealed and climbed with babcia zosia. absolute happiness poured out of this little fella.

i just know he is going to be one social butterfly, perhaps a little like his mama and papa?
^ the look and body language of a boy who has seen enough of his mama this week and just wants to play ^ 
^ perhaps future gf + bf?
^ this is what a happy babcia [grandma] looks like ^
i think it's safe to say, that jack and i will be enrolling in the baby gymboree class this month ;)


  1. Alice would LOVE this place!

    p.s. love the new bangs, Erinn :)

  2. Gymboree is so much fun! And it's clean, love it! Erinn, your hair looks fabulous, just about as much as little Jack. xo


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